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    Powerful Features

    Advanced Sender Trends

    From time of day and day of week stats, to subject line length, cadence trends and more, Rival Explorer provides key insights into what other brands are doing.


    Access full HTML creative for every brand we're tracking for design inspiration and strategic analysis. Click on any link to get landing page insights, and more.

    Smart Filters

    Search by keywords in subject line, email body, brand name, day of week, industry, type of email like Cart Abandonment, and much more.

    View Transactional Emails

    Work with our team to customize and view transacational emails from top brands.

    Triggered/Cart/Welcome Emails

    From Cart Abandonment emails, to Welcome Series touches and other triggers, Rival Explorer gives you deep access so you can radically improve your email efforts.

    Track Unlimited Brands

    We don't limit you. Leverage Rival Explorer's huge database and track as many brands as you'd like.